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Nowadays, life has become so hectic in metros and, especially in the NCR, that it is just impossible for anyone to construct a house, as there is very little time to be had for supervision of the contractor. Financial constraints also force people to live in flats.
    Often, people face various problems like a financial crisis, ill health, emotional turbulence, and much more. These maladies are a result of the ignorance of vastu principles and their application in one's home, according to vastu experts. It is believed that vastu defects may be solved through changes in the rooms, placement of objects and rearrangement of the interiors.
    Doors should be facing east and should open inside so that energy may remain inside. Grease the hinges of the doors regularly. The total number of doors should be even for each floor but the count should not end with a zero. The shape of doors should be rectangular and one must avoid square doors. There should be no water body in front of the entrance door.
    The east is of
    greater value in vastu as it is the direction of the sunrise. This direction brings prosperity, positive vibrations and wholeness in life, according to vastu. East is the direction that cleanses, energies and purifies all existing creation. So, this direction should always be kept open, ventilated, and clean to let the sunrays enter the house without any obstacles. Stairways of the house should be to the south, west or southwest.
    Why do the ancient Indian scriptures always stress upon a regular lifestyle and enjoin people to wake up early in the morning? And why is 'surya namaskar' (a yogic regimen) recommended? The reason behind this is to absorb the early morning sun's beneficial rays, which is believed to nullify all impurities.
    Every house must have a place of worship and this should be located in the east or northeast direction. If it is not at right direction it can cause loss of concentration and perturb the mind. All idols and photographs should be facing east or west. While praying, face either towards north or east. If your bedroom also doubles up as a place of worship, you must sleep with your head pointed east.
    East is an ideal direction to have a study room, too. Children must face north, northeast or east, while they are engaged in academic activities. The study table should be placed in south or west side. Bookshelves should be positioned in the southwest side of the study room.
    Living rooms, TV room, bedrooms and rest rooms are best located in the west. For girls, it will be ideal to have the bedroom in the northwest direction. Beds in bedroom should not be put under a beam. To avoid health problems, do not point your feet towards the door of the bedroom while sleeping. For a stress-free sleeps, always point your head towards the south. Place the television in the southeast side.
    Overhead water tanks, washrooms and toilets can be located in the west. This direction is considered the domain of Lord Varun and is ruled by Lord Saturn, so it is related to water, and it is the direction where the sun sets. Underground water tanks, boring and swimming pools are not allowed in this direction. The right place for underground water tanks, tube wells and swimming pools is the northeast direction. The place for underground water tanks and tube wells should be open and at the lowest level of the house.
    The bathrooms and toilet facilities should be located in the west or south sides of the house. Avoid constructing toilets, washrooms and bathrooms in the east, as it contaminate the solar energy. Do not construct store rooms and generator rooms in the east and the northeast direction. Southeast is the place for generators, kitchen and other fireworks. If kitchen is in the northeast, it slows down the affection among family members. Use of red stone as a kitchen slab is recommended in vastu manuals.
    Keep northeast direction of the house and all the room well lighted, clean and clutter-free. Do not hang the mirrors on the west or south walls because this will rebound the positive energy. One can hang family photos on the west wall, so as to receive solar energy. Do not keep broken mirrors in the house. Mirrors can be placed on the north or east walls.
    So, if your house has been designed according to vastu principles, one can achieve success in every aspect of life. Nowadays, vastu advisers and vastu masons are easily accessible; they can assist you in making your social and mental environment soothing and harmonious and bring peace and happiness to your life.


Vastu is a result-oriented and experience-based craft, according to the practitioners and believers. It reportedly changes one's cosmic path leading to success and stability. It deal with natural forces and changes one’s relationship with them. It builds a beautiful bridge between inner spaces and outer spaces.
    It defines one's path effortlessly and subtracts natural hindrance and blockages. It creates a positive relationship between microcosm, the individual, and the macrocosm, the outer world or the universe, vastu experts say.
    Every material in the universe radiates some energy at its own specific frequency. Apart from solids, liquids, and gaseous material, even molecules,
atoms, cells, etc, radiate at different energy levels, some positive and some negative.
    The most important point of vastu is about energy storage and conservation. If the stored energy in any place, be it home, temple, office, factory, etc, is positive, people living in that place will enjoy good health, wealth, prosperity and happiness. Similarly, if the
stored energy is negative, people will suffer from chronic diseases, financial problems, unhappiness, etc, according to vastu belief.
    Shops and offices are run with a fundamental goal of earning profits and maximizing financial gains. But for maintaining this financial growth one must follow some basic principles of vastu at each and every stage of the business, vastu experts say.
Vastu practitioners believe that incorporating these tenets into a construction plan of the business premises would not only give a person financial stability, but also accord him or her power to control adverse situations with great presence of mind. It is also believed that it prevents subordinates from acting against the interests of their employers.

A few beneficial vastu tips

  • Office or shop should be north- or east-facing
  • Slope should be towards northeast
  • Tall and heavy construction in southwest is good
  • Toilets in northwest considered best
  • Mandir should be in northeast. You should face northeast while praying
  • Square- or rectangular-shaped plots are best suited for overall growth
  • Northeast should be the cleanest part of your premises and it should be free from any load
  • Taps, water fountain, aquarium, water jugs, etc, should be placed in northeast of your premises
  • Owner should sit in the southwest direction
  • North is the direction of Lord Kuber (god of wealth) and you should face towards it while sitting in your office or shop
  • Cash box or safe should be open towards north. It should not be placed directly on the floor
  • Place two idol of Lord Ganesha above the entrance of the premises, one facing outward and the other facing inside, with their backs touching each other
  • Have a big door and windows in northeast corner of your premises and try to keep them open as much as possible. Big windows in southwest are not considered auspicious as they increase negative energy flow inside the premises. Cover them with thick curtains or blinds
  • Synthetic carpets or PVC flooring should not be used in your premises
  • You should not sit under any beam or stairs. It not only gives you mental tension but also causes illness in the long run
  •  Put Sriyantra in your pooja room. It is the best way to worship Goddess Lakshmi.
  •  A pantry is best located in the southeast zone
  •  Don't ever make a staircase in the northeast zone
  •  Shoes should not be kept in northeast
  •  Idols of Ganesh or Lakshmi in a sitting position are considered best
  •  Check the activities in southwest if you face any problems with your employees and check the activities in southeast if you are facing litigation or problems in payment collection
  • The sales staff should face north when seated and the accounting staff should face east while working (it is very important principal and can change status of your business if followed)
  • Put packing material and waste material in the southwest zone
  • Products which are not selling can be sold by placing them in the northwest zone
  • Practitioners believe that vastu influences the growth of all spheres of life, be it financial, physical or emotional field. Financial growth is incomplete without good health. If you are not happy with your marital life you can't enjoy your prosperity.
  •  Thus, practitioners say that the overall growth is the fundamental motive of vastu. According to them, the vastu craft tries to balance the five elements in the premises; these elements must not only make their presence in their own respective zones, but should also be placed in harmony with each other.  

Vastu Remedies For Financial Success

Vastu Shastra addresses every sphere of your general wellbeing starting from health, to relationships and most importantly finances. Having a well balanced cash flow and investments is crucial to having a good lifestyle and for overall prosperity.

Very often it’s been noted that professionals in different lines of work may have problems regarding shortages, debts and expenses, in spite of a fairly good income. Even people, though quite rich due to ancestral property or family business may experience a vacuum in their lives. These problems could be attributed to improper house constructions.

Any person experiencing obstacles in financial situations should confirm if their home is constructed according to the Vastu rules to ensure an unhindered financial flow. Vastu Shastra primarily focuses on the directions, i.e. east, west, north and south and their sub directions such as northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest. Each of these directions is governed by any one of five elements - fire, water, air, earth and space which form the basis of Vastu Shastra.


Vastu for financial fulfillment
Let’s take a look at how Vastu Shastra can help to improve your finances by considering the existing structures in your home, and understand how some structures could aid in positive financial flow, while others could create obstacles, and remedies for the latter.
Vastu directions, conducive to financial prosperity are the north and northeast directions. The north direction is ruled by the Lord of Wealth, Kuber and the North-east direction is governed by the element water, which is regarded as an indication of a person’s financial status according to Vastu Shastra. Other directions should also be checked to ensure that they are in proper order to avoid any negative influence related to finances.
Since North is the direction for Lord Kuber, a blockage in this direction, would imply obstacles in the flow of wealth and prosperity into the house is blocked. However, if the block cannot be removed, placing an aquarium or a small fountain towards the north of the house serves as a good remedy.
In case of a single main entrance door, the East or North side location is the best. North or North East is specially good for ensuring financial gains. A single main door from the South should be avoided. If two doors have to be fixed the combination should be North(M)and East(S), East(M) and South(S), East(M) and West(S),East(M) and North(S), South(M) and East(S); but should not be South(M) to West(S), West(M) to North(S), West(M) to South(S).(M = Main, S = Subsidiary). In case of three doors, it would be preferable to locate the doors on three sides other than South or West.
Safes or vaults in your house opening towards the south or west, are likely to result in expenses. This situation could be altered by placing safes, vaults, and other important assets like jewellery, cash, bank cheque books, property papers in a central north room of the house, and position the almirah locations to the South-west corners of this room. When these open towards the North, the amount of money flow enhances as these places are directions of wealth.



 Since water is considered to be an indication of a person’s financial health by Vastu, stagnant water in the house is an indication of lack of financial growth. Stagnant water within the house in the form of a pond could be remedied by installing a fountain in the house, and hence create a system of circulation for the water. Taps within your house should also be checked, for leakages, since leaking taps are a sign of expenses and hence should be rectified to alter the situation. Similarly, you also need to ensure that there is no boring or a tube well placed in the south direction as this could negatively affect finances.
Similarly, a water tank located in the northwest direction of your house indicates stagnation of wealth. This could be remedied by covering the tank with metal planters and filling these with plants which have round leaves.
You can expect a consistency and growth in your finances when the direction of water flow is from the north to the east. A water fountain placed in the north-eastern part of your house or office will also bring in similar good results. An aquarium with nine gold fish and one black fish placed in the north east corner of your house or place of business would ensure a good income flow.

  1. If you are planning to construct a well, underground tank, bore or swimming pool, ensure that it is placed in the North of North-eastern directions of your home.
  2. Business professionals should properly utilize the southwest portion of their homes as this direction represents power. Hence, you would receive power in whatever you choose to do, provided that the southwest direction is fully utilized.
  3. Since the North direction is governed by the Lord of wealth, taking care of this direction when constructing the house will ensure that the residents would have a good business or a profession with huge profits.
  4. Toilet placed next to the main entrance, could result in you incurring debts, since a toilet represents waste products and toilet water is stagnant water, which gets flushed down the drain. A toilet, next to your home entrance personifies that you are flushing down your wealth. This however could be remedied by keeping the door of the toilet always shut and placing mirrors on the toilet’s door to deflect negative energies.
  5. Whenever entrance and exit doors come in a straight line, it means that whatever comes in through the door goes out of the exit. This will adversely affect your finances as they would never stay with you. This could be remedied by placing a screen between the entrance and the exit doors. An excellent choice is to place plants (preferably palms) close to the entrance and exit doors as they have a good effect in improving finances.  

These simple rules laid down in Vastu Sastra would enable you to live a prosperous and happy life.

    Ideal Vastu Friendly House

 Vastu Tips for Bedroom

  1. Vastu Tips for Dining Room
  2. Vastu Tips for Guest Room
  3. Vastu Tips For Drawing Rooms
  4. Vastu Tips for Kitchen
  5. Vastu Tips for Basement
  6. Vastu Tips for Door
  7. Vastu Tips for Compound

Vastu Tips for Bedroom  

  1. Use southwest corner room for the elder members.
  2. Always sleep with your head in the east or south side.
  3. While sleeping, your legs should not face the main gate.
  4. Avoid having direct light falling on your eyes while sleeping.
  5. Door should be of a single wood.
  6. It would be beneficial for students to sleep in the west side.
  7. There should be no beam in the bedroom.
  8. Beds should be kept away from the walls.
  9. There should be no locker in the bedroom.
  10. Always keep the lockers in west or south side, so that the door of locker should always opens behind the north side or east side.
  11. Keep money in the north side.
  12. Locker used to keep money should be facing north direction.
  13. Build Almirah’s and wardrobes in the west or in south.



Vastu Tips for Dining Room

  1. Dining room should be located in south, west, and east.
  2. Always use pink or orange or cream colors in the dining room.
  3. If your dining room is in any other direction then you should have food in the west side of the room.
  4. Dining room can be made in west side of the kitchen.



Vastu Tips for Guest Room

  1. Northwest rooms are ideal for guests

Vastu Tips For Drawing Rooms

  1. Hang a painting of the rising sun or of natural beauty on the wall.
  2. Furniture should not be kept touching the east or north sidewall.
  3. East north corner should be kept empty.
  4. The head of the family should face east or north.
  5. Round shaped furniture should not be used.
  6. Any heavy Elmira or bookrack should be in the south or west wall.
  7. A/C or room heater should be fixed in the southeast wall.
  8. Study table should be kept in north, northwest or northeast.
  9. Water Cooler should never be kept in southeast.
  10. Clocks should not be hung on the south wall.



Vastu Tips for Kitchen

  1. Kitchen should not be made near or opposite the bathroom or toilet.
  2. Kitchen should not be opposite to the main entrance.
  3. Kitchen should not be below the staircase.
  4. Raw food like wheat, ghee etc should be stored in the east.
  5. Kitchen should be made in southeast corner. Alternatively, it could be in the west side.
  6. Cooking appliances are to be kept in southeast corner in the kitchen.
  7. Loft or boxes can be made in any side of the kitchen.
  8. Heavy weight utensils should be kept against the south wall.
  9. While preparing food the person should face east.
  10. Refrigerator could be kept in south east, west or north side, but not in the northwest corner.
  11. Dining room can be made in west side of the kitchen.
  12. The electric appliances should be fixed at southeast corner.
  13. Fire equipments should be affixed in the southeast corner.




Vastu Tips for Basement

  1. Basement should be built in the east, north or northeast side.
  2. The depth of basement should be less than or equal to that of ground floor.
  3. It is would be better to limit all construction in the middle of the basement field.
  4. Leave equal spaces in all the four fields.




Vastu Tips for Door

  1. No big stone, pillar or waste box should be in front of any door.
  2. Main door should never open in front of another house door.
  3. Kitchen should not be built opposite the main entrance.
  4. Doors should not be in south.




Vastu Tips for Compound

  1. The thickness of the walls in the Southwest side should be thicker then the other walls.
  2. The construction work should proceed from east side to southward and then move to west northward.
  3. Garage should be built in northwest or southeast corner.
  4. Avoid any shadow on the main gate.
  5. The Kitchen should not be made opposite the main entrance.
  6. Trees should not be planted in front of the main gate.
  7. If required the mezzanine floors should be built in the west or south.



 Vastu Colors To Use In House Colors play a very important role in our lives and have a definite bearing on our fate. Just as our choice of colors reflects our attitude and approach towards life, the color of the walls and every corner of our home deeply impact the happenings around us and affect us negatively or positively. Colors have the capacity of pacifying our mind and stimulating our energy. Our mood, health, happiness are all affected by the colors of our house. Colors can have emotional, intellectual, materialistic, intuitive and many other types of influence on humans. The article deals with the king of Vastu colors, which are suitable to use while painting your house.  


Red color is known for its vitality and zest. It displays warmth and enlightens your mood the moment you look at it. Due to the qualities it possesses, red is one of the favored colors to be used at home. Red represents power and valor. It is dramatic in mood, emotional, active and ignites passion and desire. It enlivens the interior space and creates excitement and enthusiasm for life. However, red should not be used in the bedroom, as it is too energizing. When used in bedroom, it can be overpowering and stressful for the ones anxious by nature.

Orange color has its own beauty, due to its ethereal qualities. The color inspires spirituality as it represents transcendence and an otherworldly aspect of life. It the best color for your dining room as orange color has the ability to stir, rather stimulate your appetite. Communication, positive feelings, cheerfulness and interaction is enhanced, if you paint your dining room or living room orange. Peach color can also be used in the dining hall, as it gives a cool affect.

Yellow is associated with sun. It nurtures clarity of mind and natural alertness. Yellow also gives a sense of patience and wisdom. Its placement should be chosen with care, as it is a very bright and energizing color. A room that gets direct sunlight need not be painted yellow or peach. However, yellow or sandal-colored walls are just perfect for the prayer, room due to their ability to inspire intellectual clarity.

White symbolizes purity and is highly recommended by Vastu for your ceilings. It also reflects light and brightens the room. In a bedroom located at the northwest direction, white color can be used.

Pink color can be used in the master bedroom or bedrooms located in the south and southwest direction. It is a color which reflects joy, happiness and pure feelings, essential for a happy life.

Green represents harmony and peacefulness. As green is symbolic of nature, it generates calm and inner peace in the house. Green can be used in the study room, as it augments intelligence. Since green brings quick healing and rejuvenation as well, disturbed people or those who need refreshment can calm themselves in a green-colored room.








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